This page provides links to some relevant articles and publications by International ISBN Agency staff, by staff from the national ISBN agencies, or other articles relevant to the ISBN system. The articles appear on this page in reverse chronological order. Please click on the title of your chosen piece to display the article in a new window.

Do you need an ISBN? What's its purpose? This August 2016 article was written by Stella Griffiths for Book Machine, an online independent community in the publishing sector.

The 50th Anniversary of Standard Book Numbering. On 13 October 2015, during Frankfurt Book Fair, the 50th anniversary of standard book numbering was reached. As part of the celebrations, the Bookseller magazine featured the anniversary in one of its special Frankfurt Book Fair editions.

From Dickens to Dante. A Special Report by Stella Griffiths from the April 2011 issue of ISO Focus+ discussing the importance of the ISBN system and its position as an ISO Standard.