L’Agence internationale de l’ISBN

L’ISBN, numéro international normalisé reconnu comme l’identifiant de référence pour tous les types de livres, est l’élément clé pour gérer de façon efficace et performante la chaîne d’approvisionnement du livre.

L’Agence internationale de l’ISBN est l’autorité d’enregistrement de la norme à l’échelle mondiale.


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  • Photo of the national flag of Ukraine which consists of equal sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow


    The images of the death, maiming and devastation wrought on the civilians of Ukraine, their homes, hospitals and cultural buildings following the pitiless invasion by Russia have been seared into our minds. This totally unprovoked war on a sovereign, independent country is completely and universally deplored and condemned. It threatens the foundations of democracy and disregards and violates human rights. 

    Alongside all participants of the book sector – authors, contributors, publishers, librarians, retailers, printers and distributors – we call for immediate ceasefire,…

  • A picture of the stone frontage of the national library building

    The International ISBN Agency was recently able to hold its first in-person Annual General Meeting for three years. The meeting took place on 7 and 8 September 2022.

    We would like to begin by thanking our colleagues at the Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library of Norway). Without their hard work and cooperation, it would not have been possible for the event to have been the success it was. The National Library runs the ISBN agency in Norway and we were very grateful to our colleagues there. As usual, delegates from the national and regional ISBN…