L’Agence internationale de l’ISBN

L’ISBN, numéro international normalisé reconnu comme l’identifiant de référence pour tous les types de livres, est l’élément clé pour gérer de façon efficace et performante la chaîne d’approvisionnement du livre.

L’Agence internationale de l’ISBN est l’autorité d’enregistrement de la norme à l’échelle mondiale.



  • A map of the middle East with Iraq named and highlighted in red

    The appointment of the newest ISBN agency has been made by the International ISBN Agency.

    The Iraq ISBN Agency wil begin operating in October 2017. It will assign ISBNs to publishers from that country, and help to represent those publishers. The agency will be run by the Iraqi Publishers Union. Its group prefix will be 978-9922.

    This appointment has come about thanks to the hard work of Dr. Isam Al Kawaz. We are very grateful to him and we look forward to working with him as the agency becomes established. Any publishers based in Iraq should now contact the Iraq ISBN Agency...

  • The building where the International ISBN Agency is based

    The International ISBN Agency has moved premises.

    In September 2017, the International ISBN Agency took the decision to relocate its office. The premises are still in London, a little under 3 miles from its previous location. The new address of the International ISBN Agency is:

    48-49 Russell Square
    WC1B 4JP
    United Kingdom

    This move also means that the International ISBN Agency has a new telephone number: +44 20 7580 8536.

    The e-mail address - info@isbn-international.org - and the website -...