Agencia Internacional del ISBN

Fácilmente reconocible como el identificador para todo tipo de libros, el código ISBN es clave para una cadena comercial del libro eficiente y eficaz.

La Agencia Internacional del ISBN es la autoridad global de registro para la Norma.


  • ISBN open data present picture

    Ahead of the 2016 holiday period, the National Book Council for Malta has released its ISBN database online and freely available as open data. The National Book Council, which runs the ISBN Agency for Malta, works closely with the International ISBN Agency on several matters including the records of ISBNs and ISBN prefixes assigned to publishers based in the country.

    The website for the Malta ISBN database is available at

  • The International ISBN Agency has created a new webpage on its website to link to relevant publications.

    This publications page, which can be found here, contains links and information about three articles at present. The intention is to add to this page over time to create a fuller, useful resource for such articles about ISBN. The articles could appear in trade magazines or perhaps be features written by industry...