Agencia Internacional del ISBN

Fácilmente reconocible como el identificador para todo tipo de libros, el código ISBN es clave para una cadena comercial del libro eficiente y eficaz.

La Agencia Internacional del ISBN es la autoridad global de registro para la Norma.


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    The International ISBN Agency will be undertaking a project to redevelop its website architecture and database services in 2020. As a result, we have issued an Executive Summary document to be read by companies who wish to consider submitting a tender for the redevelopment of our website and services. The Executive Summary contains more information about the nature of the project and some of the software specifications. It can be read or downloaded as a .PDF document...

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    The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the International ISBN Agency was recently held in Santiago, Chile. The meeting took place on Monday 30 September and Tuesday 1 October, and was held in Santiago thanks to the kind offer of the Cámara Chilena del Libro. The Cámara (Book Chamber) runs the ISBN agency in Chile and we were very grateful to our colleagues there for their hard work and support in organising the meeting. As usual, delegates from all...