Agencia Internacional del ISBN

Fácilmente reconocible como el identificador para todo tipo de libros, el código ISBN es clave para una cadena comercial del libro eficiente y eficaz.

La Agencia Internacional del ISBN es la autoridad global de registro para la Norma.


  • Numbers on a background of blue squares

    The International Standard Book Number is one of the best-known identification systems in the world. There are 151 national or regional ISBN agencies and ISBN is used in over 200 territories across the world. The International ISBN Agency is privileged to hold the position of registration authority for an identifier that is ubiquitous and enduringly well-used.

    It is also worth noting how longstanding the ISBN is as a part of the publishing landscape. Standard Book Numbering is well over 50 years old. Indeed, we documented the 50th anniversary of the advent of Standard Book Numbering...

  • The building where the International ISBN Agency is based

    In common with many organisations across the world, the current Covid-19 crisis is having an impact on the International ISBN Agency's operations. Please be advised that, until further notice, our offices in Russell Square will not be occupied and all staff will be working remotely. However, we would like to stress that staff members are otherwise working as normal and that the International ISBN Agency's functions are being performed with no interruption.

    Should you wish to contact the International ISBN Agency, please note that our telephone system is being accessed only...