The International ISBN Agency

Easily recognisable as the identifier for all kinds of books, the International Standard Book Number is key to an efficient and effective book supply chain.

The International ISBN Agency is the registration authority for the Standard on a global basis. 

Focus on

  • The word CERLALC in red with the full title of the organisation below: Centro regional para el fomento del libro en America Latina y el Caribe

    The Centro regional para el fomento del libro en America Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC) has released a new version of its website. This website is an invaluable resource for information about the supply chain for books, reading initiatives and copyright issues for CERLALC member countries. The web address of the CERLALC website is

    As part of the website redesign, CERLALC supports the development of ISBN in its region. In fact, the...

  • The logo for Book Industry Communication 'BIC' on a white bakcground

    On Wednesday 24 October at the British Library, Book Industry Communication (BIC) held a BIC Breakfast event on the topic of the ISBN. The event was subtitled The ISBN - Best Practice for International Book Identification and discussed important topics for stakeholders across the supply chain about the importance of following the ISBN standard correctly, and the sometimes serious impacts when ISBNs are misused.

    Because of the importance and prevalence of ISBN in the supply chain and due to the ever-increasing number of products available internationally, best practice...