Board of Directors

The International ISBN Agency Board meets twice a year to discuss the key issues which affect the ISBN system and to report on projects that the agency is involved in or which are relevant to its operations. There are eight elected members of the Board of the International ISBN Agency:

  • Beat Barblan (Chairman) - United States of America ISBN Agency
  • Carol Riccalton (Vice Chair) - European Union Organisations ISBN Agency
  • Jon Windus (Treasurer) - United Kingdom and Ireland ISBN Agency
  • Ronald Schild (Past Chairman) - Germany ISBN Agency
  • Piero Attanasio - Italy ISBN Agency
  • Fernanda Gomes Garcia Franco - Brazil ISBN Agency 
  • Miguel Jiménez - Spain ISBN Agency
  • Michel Lanneau - France ISBN Agency

There are also five ex officio Board members:

  • José Borghino  - International Publishers’ Association 
  • Steven Keddie  - GS1 
  • José Diego González Mendoza  - CERLALC 
  • Vacant  - European & International Booksellers’ Federation 
  • Ulrike Junger - International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions