An abstract image of books connected by a wire to South America on a globe
December 17th, 2019

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the key identifier for books in the supply chain; an ISBN uniquely identifies a specific book by a specific publisher in a specific format.

The Capital Building, Washington DC
November 29th, 2019

From early 2020 the United States ISBN Agency (operated by Bowker) will begin assigning ISBNs starting with the prefix element 979.

An image of the Planet Earth above an open book
November 11th, 2019

The International ISBN Agency will be undertaking a project to redevelop its website architecture and database services in 2020.

The front awning of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, displaying several national flags
October 14th, 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the International ISBN Agency was recently held in Santiago, Chile.