New Edition of the ISBN Standard is Published

The ISO logo - a red square with a world motif and ISO in white

The fifth and latest edition of the ISBN Standard has now been published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The new Standard has been developed by an international working group of 41 experts from 14 countries who were involved with the project for three years, providing advice, feedback and discussion points as the work progressed. The International ISBN Agency was also represented on the working group.

Translations of the new users' manual are now available

Picture of the globe covered in national flags with arrows to imply spinning

Following the release of the new users' manual at the turn of the year, the International ISBN Agency is beginning to make translations of the new document available for download.

At the time of writing we are pleased to advise that translations of the current, seventh edition ISBN users' manual are available in French, German and Polish. We kindly thank AFNIL, MVB and Biblioteka Narodowa respectively for their hard work in producing the translated manuals.