The International ISBN Agency

Easily recognisable as the identifier for all kinds of books, the International Standard Book Number is key to an efficient and effective book supply chain.

The International ISBN Agency is the registration authority for the Standard on a global basis. 

Focus on

  • A slide with text welcoming people to the ISBN Annual General Meeting

    The International ISBN Agency recently concluded its 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

    Regrettably, for the second year in succession we were compelled to hold the meeting as an exclusively online event because of the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19. As in 2020, we took the opportunity of the online nature of the event to run the AGM on three occasions across the different time zones. This year, the sessions of the AGM took place twice on Wednesday 22 September and once on Thursday 23 September 2021.

    Delegates from all national and regional ISBN…

  • A black and white portrait of David Whitaker

    The International ISBN Agency is very sad to inform the community that David Whitaker, one of the foremost early champions of book numbering, has died.

    Based in London, UK, he worked with his father Haddon in the family firm from the 1950s. The family firm was J. Whitaker and Sons Ltd  - at that time prominent as the publisher of The Bookseller magazine and of the famous Almanack, as well as for producing lists of forthcoming books in the UK and for developing new services to assist the book supply chain. 

    David Whitaker became one of the key players in the…